iView Recruitment’s business model was created for companies who have the need for their employment rate to be between 10 and 200 people a year.

We have designed our services in a way that allows them to be implemented and fulfilled quickly, smartly, flexibly and most of all - financially effectively for our Clients. We deliver recruitment projects through dedicated and experienced recruitment team, present in the industry since 2010.
  • Quality

    Our primary priority is to find and recommend candidates who have the required personal and business skills. Thanks to the method of direct search, a rich database of applications and contacts, as well as market references we can successfully identify experienced candidates who will turn out to be perfectly with our clients’ tasks and business culture.
    Quality - iView Recruitment
  • Time

    Because of our high level of expertise, we not only direct the optimal course of action and resources into each recruitment project, but also carefully control and forecast potential aftermaths of each project. It allows us to contact our clients with candidates, who match set requirements in the best way possible, very quickly.
    Time - iView Recruitment
  • Cost

    We know how important financial efficiency is for clients using our services. The costs of delivering the recruitment project depend on a few factors: requirements described in the potential candidate’s profile, place in the organization’s hierarchy and characteristics of the market, on which we will focus our search. Thanks to our activity clients avoid the necessity of preparing job offers, looking through countless of CV’s and having recruitment interviews with candidates who don’t match their needs. Instead, they gain more time to focus on their businesses.
    Cost - iView Recruitment
  • Guarantee

    We’re very good at our job of matching candidates and clients for the first time – we don’t believe in wasting Your nor candidate’s time, trying to put a square peg into a round hole. But the recruitment project is all about people – and sometimes things just don’t go according to the plan. If that happens, we have a ready solution – a guarantee. We’re flexible when it comes to its length and we decide its terms together with our clients.
    Guarantee - iView Recruitment

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