What to consider when choosing a recruitment agency?

Choosing the right recruitment agency (human resources consulting agency) is the topic that is worth focusing on, especially that at many stages of the recruitment process it’s the agency, in Candidate’s eyes, that is directly representing you and your company.

How to verify an agency, how to choose the most optimal one? We can help with that.

To verify the quality of certain agency’s work, it’s worth starting at the very beginning of your contact with it. Most consulting agencies base their business model on active search for Clients. It means that there’s a big possibility that you already had a phone call from certain agency’s Consultant responsible for obtaining new Clients. Said Consultant surely offered a longer meeting (face to face or online) or already began presenting agency’s profile, or asked about current recruitment needs of your Department.

What were your feelings after that conversation? Did you feel comfortable? Was everything that the Consultant said clear and understandable? Was the Consultant casual or more formal, happy or serious? What did the Consultant know about your company?

If that same Consultant will be in charge of the recruitment process for your company there’s a high chance that the feelings you had after talking to her/him are the same potential Candidates will feel after being contacted by the Consultant in your name.

Candidates often - especially after some time - begin to identify Consultants who engaged them in recruitment projects not with the certain consulting agency, but with Employers for which the agency is working for. In other words, if the recruitment process isn’t ran professionally, after some time it will be your company, not the agency’s Consultant, that will be seen as unprofessional.

Another important aspect is the level of expertise in running recruitment projects. How many projects similar to yours have been successfully delivered by the agency? How much time does the agency need to deliver first profiles of Candidates matching your needs? How long has the agency been on the market? Are there companies who would give references to said agency (or a certain Consultant)?

A very important issue is agency’s salary. Usually it depends on Consultant’s pace of work and recruitment process’ complexity, which comes down to resources (both human and material) involved in the recruitment process. It’s worth asking about how the process is planned and how many resources will be involved.

Another important aspect during the verification of the agency is the so called guarantee period offered by it. Guarantee is basically a commitment to find - in the mutually agreed circumstances (that are usually linked to ending the employment contract with the Candidate recommended by the agency) - more Candidates after the recruitment process has ended. It’s worth to precisely determine terms of guarantee, as well as to ask how it standardly looks like in the agency.

There are with no doubt other important aspects that should be taken into consideration when choosing the right recruitment agency. Every recruitment project is different and demands a specific set of requirements that need to be met by the agency. Before you choose to work with the agency it’s worth to be clear about said requirements and make the decision only when you’re sure that they will be fulfilled.

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