Useful Online Tools

In the age of constant computerization of processes, including those connected to recruitment, internet portals created for people interested in the professional development have a range of useful tools. They’re usually available online and free of charge. Those that we decided to present have been tested by us and are most certainly worth trying out.

Job offers portals - is an unquestionable leader among job offers sites. It contains job offers divided into fields in which Employers operate, as well as levels of offered positions. We can also search by localization of the workplace. It’s certainly worth to starting looking through current job offers on first.

Other portals worth checking out:
If we want a job abroad, it’s worth having a look at:

Business social media

When you start to look for a job it’s worth getting familiar with possibilities that business social media give you. Beside giving you the chance to show yourself to headhunters and internal recruiters of potential Employers, they also allow you to actively follow news and updates on the job market, as well as use business internet forums and direct exchange of information between specialists in their fields. The most popular portals in Poland are (polish-based) and (global).

CV Creator

CV Creator is an online tool dedicated to creating CV with the help of ready templates and information about the course of career. Working on creators is intuitive and fast and the results can be very effective. Before starting working in the creator it’s worth verifying if it’s free of charge.
Among those that are free we can recommend:

  • - free of charge, but it requires creating an account on
  • - free of charge, but additional options are paid; requires creating an account.

When it comes to paid CV Creators it’s worth having a look at It’s worth underlining that forementioned business social media also share free CV Creators, of course once you have created your account and logged in to the portal.

Salary Calculators

It’s definitely worth looking at those calculators that are offered on biggest portals linked to HR market. When it comes to this type of tools you must be certain that they’re using up-to-date criteria, especially in the often changing law environment.

Salary calculators that we can recommend:

It’s also worth getting familiar with salary calculator for self-employed:

HR Blogs

For people interested in a wider look at the job market, we recommend getting familiar with these popular and - in our opinion - reliable blogs on the HR topic:

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