How to organize one’s work in 5 steps?

In order to work fully effectively, feel relaxed and ready to finish tasks at the same time, it’s worth paying attention to the surroundings in which you happen to spend your next few hours.

1. Desk

Usually it’s enough to have a good look at our working table – which in most cases is just a desk. If your desk is “messy”, it will prevent you from working and at the same time it will show you in a bad light. If you don’t organize your workspace, you might feel strongly irritated whenever you try to find something you need. Look through the pile of documents and organize them with the help of a binder. You should keep those that are most important and throw out everything that you no longer need (use the shredder).

2. Multitasking

Another aspect of your life at the office is so called multitasking. Instead of trying to finish multiple projects all at once, focus on one task and manage your time. It rarely does any good to be on the phone while writing an e-mail and preparing a presentation. Make a list of to-do tasks and start with those that have a deadline coming soon. Put 100% of your energy into each task and try to do everything you can to avoid starting a new project before finishing the old one. Finishing your task from A to Z will give you a sense of fulfillment.

3. You got a new “like”

A lot of people lose their time to have fun. Spending time on social media or on pages with so called memes won’t put off your tasks for later. Spending your working time like this will shorten your time to do your tasks. It’s also one of the biggest distractors.

4. Good patterns

If you need help organizing your time and space, ask your colleagues for help. They might be better organized than you and give you some tips. You can also take a look at how they organize their desks or how they prioritize their work and then try to follow them. Ask for their opinions on how are you doing in the office and what can you do to improve. How people perceive your organization of work is very important, because chaos with an addition of lack of results – won’t do any good for your career.

5. Calendar

Use the calendar. It will make you remember all the important information and help you define your targets to systematically finish them in time. Limit yourself to one calendar to gain better organization, because using multiple calendars can lead to misunderstandings. A good method – especially in teamwork – is using a common planners, e.g. popular Trello. A big advantage of using a planner is that it can help you manager see that you’re aware of all tasks that you’re responsible for, nothing is “slipping” you and you put your effort and time to make sure that everything you’re responsible for will be finished in time.

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