Additional Services

We offer a comprehensive market analysis in the field of, among others, building a team, localization of the company, company’s structure, expected salary and benefit system.

In a sample analysis from a certain field you can find:
  • Number of Candidates available on the job market
  • Candidates’ salary expectations
  • Need for certain positions in the company
  • Which companies hire people on certain positions most often
During running the recruitment process it might be a problem to assess Candidates’ competences. iView Recruitment can help with that – we perfectly know diagnostic techniques based on tests and situational tasks, as well as detailed questions purposed to asses Candidates’ competences most effectively.

Assestment & Development Centre allow assessing Candidates in terms of them being fit for the position, for which they apply for, whether or not they have essential competences needed on the position, as well as allow to measure their development possibilities, ambition and motivation to change jobs.

Thanks to competences interview and situational tests we’re able to assess Candidates’ competences in the most precise way. It’s a guaranteed method for finding the best Candidate for the job.

Why it’s worth to work with us:
  • Our Consultants have years long of experience in assessing Candidates’ competences
  • We have a rich database of questions and situational tests corresponding to the business reality
  • We make reports comparing assessed Candidates
  • Depending on the Client’s needs we can adjust our way of assessment and form of the report
We offer our advisory and informative services of personal audit.

The audit is based on independent, methodical research and assessment of human resources and functioning of the HR department. Its purpose is to check whether the actual state of the company is in harmony with the adopted standards. Thanks to personal audit you can assess strong and weak sides in the HR field, which are fundamental for making improvements and corrections.

Below are things that are especially researched during the personal audit:
  • Employees’ competences and motivation
  • Effectiveness and cost of work
  • State and structure of employment

Before we begin the personal audit we discuss the right procedure with the Client, which includes the specific nature and standards of the company. That allows us to maximize the effectiveness of the audit.

Benefits of the personal audit:
  • Determining contribution of HR department for company’s functioning
  • Making HR department look professional
  • Influence on raising the level of HR department’s employees’ responsibility and involvement
  • Determining range of duties and responsibility for HR department
  • Stimulating policy coherence and actions in the human resources field
  • Defining potential problems within the human resources field
  • Optimalization of costs through improving procedures
iView Recruitment offers full support for Clients in building their success and the most functional employees base. Our professional coaching methods allow to build eagerness, motivation and manner for fulfilling both business and personal goals.

Everybody is different – that’s why goals are discussed by the Client and participant – according to company’s values and strategy. For the Client coaching is a perfect way to build a trusted employees base who show involvement, responsibility, eagerness for self-growth and a positive atmosphere in the company.

Professional coaching allows to:
  • Be successful at work
  • Work effectively and successfully achieve set goals
  • Build positive relationship with coworkers
  • Implementing balance and peace into work and personal life
We can gather complex opinions about certain employee’s or group of employees’ functioning and organization of work. 360 degrees Assessment relies on sending out a constructive survey around employees’ environment (superiors, subordinates, as well as clients) with its purpose to define opportunities for improvement and self-growth, not to criticize.

Benefits of the 360 degrees Assessment:
  • Opportunity to factually assess communication efficiency in the company
  • Determining trainings efficiency
  • Designing employees’ development path and self-improvement
When the company changes its strategy, goals or environment, it often has to make changes among employment rate as well. What we offer – a program to support career change – is meant to settle the delicate circumstances in the best way possible. It minimalizes negative effects for fired employees and maximizes benefits for the Client.

We offer an outplacement program for individuals, as well as group of employees.

Outplacement’s positive results for the Client:
  • It improves company’s image and atmosphere within the organization
  • It minimalizes risk of losing key employees
  • It minimalizes risk of complaints from unsatisfied employees

Outplacement’s positive results for the employee:
  • It minimizes mental effects of losing a job
  • It increases the feeling of having control over the process of change in one’s career path
  • Opportunity to use professional personal consulting services
  • It shortens time needed to find a new job
iView Recruitment offers services of complex payroll reports. Our experts can prepare reports about salary on the local, national, as well as industry market. We’re aware that the job market is dynamic and requires constant adjustments. Payroll reports allow getting familiar with new terms and conditions, which Employers have to face.

We offer payroll reports from the whole business area.
We offer complex soft skills trainings – building good relationship in the team, efficient communication, human resources management.
We offer competence tests – our original tools set to examine Candidate’s certain skills.

Detailed questions and realistic situational problems allow Candidate’s skills to be assessed in the most efficient and accurate way.

Benefits of the Competence Tests:
  • They’re objective, proper and accurate results
  • They’re time-saving
  • They allow to plan development path of the new employee
  • They clearly show Candidate’s strong and weak sides

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